New Year, New (& Better) You

Happy New Year!  Each New Year is an opportunity to reflect on the past and set new goals for yourself, including health, body and diet.  You know that sugar and high fructose corn syrup contribute to obesity and heart disease.  But did you know they also cause premature aging?  Sugar in the bloodstream attaches to protein-forming harmful molecules known as advanced glycogen end products (AGEs), in a process called glycation, that damages collagen and elastin.

Collagen and elastin keep the skin taut. Excess sugar makes collagen more fragile, leaving the skin less firm and supple. AGEs also neutralize the free-radical fighting power of antioxidant enzymes, causing skin to lose its natural protection against the sun.  

High fructose corn syrup is even worse, as it causes a spike in cortisol (a stress hormone) and blood sugar. This leads to digestive issues as well as acne, sun sensitivity, premature wrinkling, hyperpigmentation and under-eye circles.

What to do?  Obviously, limit these products.  If you know you have a sweet tooth, consider an AGE protection cream.  Of course, wear sunscreen to protect the collagen you already have. If you are challenged by excess weight or have fat bulges, consider body contouring with Coolsculpting or SmartLipo Laser-Assisted Lipolysis. Then stick with a good diet and exercise routine to maintain these changes.

We wish you a safe and healthy New Year!