Botulinum:  Botox, Dysport & Xeomin

Injection with neuromodulators (Botulinum) is the most popular cosmetic treatment in the world.  There are currently 3 neuromodulators approved for use in the U.S.:  Dysport, Xeomin & Botox.  Dr. Christine Brozowski offers Botulinum treatments in both her Berkeley and Ketchum offices. She has more experience than other local physicians and has performed thousands of botulinum procedures.* She uses all three botulinum products:  Botox, Dysport & Xeomin and is familiar with their subtle differences.

Botox results are technique-dependent and injections are an art form. Therefore, it is important to consider the artistic training, as well as the medical training, of the physician administering Botox. Dr. Brozowski administers all treatments personally and has performed over three thousand individual botulinum procedures* without ANY permanent complications. Her unique approach includes hyperconcentrating the Botox and applying it in small quantities to specific fibers within the muscle. This results in a relaxation of the muscles causing facial lines, but allows the muscle to move to maintain a natural expression, while limiting wrinkle formation.  

Many wrinkles or 'expression lines', such as frown lines of the brow or crows' feet around the eyes, can by treated non-surgically with purified botulinum toxin, known more commonly as Botox.  Dysport and Xeomin are two newer botulinum products that work in a similar fashion to relax the muscles of expression and thus soften lines. When properly administered by a physician, botulinum treatment improves wrinkles and prevents other lines from forming. Initial treatments last 3-4 months; subsequent treatments last up to six months, and may provide more effect than the inital treatment. For deeper wrinkles, an additional filler agent may be used to smoothen static lines.

The goal with neuromodulators is to create more harmony in the face, with smoothness and balance in the face and neck.  After Botulinum treatment of the glabella- the frown-  individuals respond to us more favorably.  Thus, it’s not just about beauty, it’s also how the world reacts to us.  And how we feel about ourselves.  Additionally, many studies have shown that relaxing the frown with botulinum actually decreases depression through biofeedback.  So mental health is another important aspect, as well as beauty.

Compared to other aesthetic treatment options, Botox Cosmetic is relatively inexpensive. According to a survey by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, it is one of the least costly facial aesthetic procedures. In the hands of a physician with proper cosmetic training, these products are very safe with minimal risk of side effects.   Long-term, repeated use, does not increase the risk of adverse events.

The use of Botulinum neuromodulators for the reduction of facial wrinkles has become one of the most popular and safe cosmetic procedures in the United States, and is an essential part of any skin rejuvenation program.  Schedule a consultation to find out how Dr. Brozowski can improve your appearance and reduce the signs of aging with the use of Dysport, Botox or Xeomin. 

*From 1/1/05 to 11/1/15, Dr.Brozowski performed 3,277 individual injectible Botulinum procedures. 


Botox, Dysport and Xeomin medications can make a dramatic improvement in facial lines and wrinkles. Unlike surgery, it is quick and painless, with no down time. The result is smoother skin and a disappearance of lines around the brows, eyes, mouth and forehead. Areas that can be treated include:

  • Frown lines of the brow
  • Horizontal lines of the forehead
  • Crows' feet area around the eyes
  • 'Bunny lines' of the bridge of the nose
  • Vertical lines around the lips, sometimes called smokers' lines
  • Wrinkles of the neck
  • Shape the brow, or lift sagging or uneven brows
  • Dimpling of the chin, or 'peach pit' appearance of the chin
  • Prominent muscles of the neck, or a 'gullet' looking neck
  • Hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating, of the underarms or palms*
  • Migraine or headache prevention*
  • Alleviation of Bells' Palsy symptoms* including an asymmetrical smile or drooping eyelid

* Botulinum treatment for migraine, Bells' Palsy or sweating is eligible for Flexible Spending or Health Care Savings Account benefits. Please ask any of our staff for more information.

We recommend all our patients who use Botox or Dysport sign up for Brilliant Distinctions or Aspire rewards programs.  Sign up online at: and  This allows us to credit you points for each treatment.  As you earn points, the company then sends you an INSTANT credit towards a treatment!  Please call us for any questions!

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How does Botox work?

Botox, Dysport and Xeomin are natural, purified protein complexes that are injected with a tiny needle into a specific area, which relaxes the muscle's contraction. As the muscle relaxes, the skin overlying the muscle softens and the wrinkles in the skin gradually smooth out and often disappear. When administered by an artistically trained physician, botulinum treatments will not effect normal facial expressions, resulting in a natural look.

What are the results?

Dramatic results are usually seen within a week and last three to six months. Effects last longer with repeated treatments. Dr. Brozowski has extensive experience in custom-tailoring botulinum administration to each individual's facial type, to achieve the aesthetic results desired by the patient. While the three botulinum products are very similar, there are subtle differences that may benefit one patient vs. another, especially considering the location injected.  Dr. Brozowski has extensive experience with all three botulinums, and can advise you on the best for your facial features. Continuous treatments are recommended to prevent future lines and wrinkling.

What are the safety concerns and possible side effects?

Safety is of utmost importance.  Therefore, cosmetic services are performed exclusively by the physician, who has treated more than a thousand patients with botulinum. You are never passed off to technicians or nurses for medical care, as done at medispas. When used by an experienced cosmetically trained doctor for wrinkle therapy, possible side effects are temporary and localized to the area of injection. Botox, Dysport and Xeomin have all been approved by the FDA for the reduction of wrinkles.

What is the level of discomfort during and after the treatment?

When botulinum is injected it may cause a minor pricking sensation. As Dr. Brozowski has so much experience with injecting, she is able to perform the procedure very quickly and painlessly. Patients can continue their daily routine immediately after the treatment.

What are patients saying about Botox treatments in your office?

"I am very satisfied, so pleased with the results, and I appreciate Dr. Brozowski's style."

"All of my experiences with Dr. Brozowski have been wonderful, informative, open and honest. I really appreciate her willingness to explain the procedures and answer my questions. In regards to Botox, she is an artist."

"I would definitely recommend Dr. Brozowski's Botox treatments. I found the effect to be excellent."

Please call us to schedule a consultation with Dr. Christine Brozowski in our Berkeley office, just north of Oakland, to determine if Botox, Dysport or Xeomin would benefit you. 

*Botox treatment for migraine, sweating or Bells' Palsy is eligible for Flexible Spending or Health Care Savings Account benefits. Please ask any of our staff for more information.