Non-surgical neck lift.

One of the most sought-after treatments for the neck area is a non-surgical neck lift.  This procedure can reduce a double chin, slim the neck profile and tighten sagging skin of the neck.  This procedure is sometimes referred to as a chin lift or double-chin lift.

Traits that characterize a desirable neck include a straight jawline, minimal fat below the chin, firm skin of the neck and good chin projection.

Good candidates for a neck-tightening procedure include those with a good underlying bone structure, not too much skin laxity and those who are within 30lbs of their ideal weight.  Patients who are at a greater weight may still be considered candidates for this procedure, but  should be aware that they will likely require a second treatment 6-12 months later to fully achieve desired results.

The non-surgical neck lift procedure in our office involves just one small incision site directly under the chin.  Dr. Brozowski uses a local anesthetic to numb the area so that you will be comfortable during the procedure.  She then uses a minimally invasive surgical technique using our SmartLipo laser, by inserting a laser fiber just under the skin.  The laser energy heats the fat under the chin, which melts at a lower temperature than the surrounding structures (including nerves, muscle and bone).  After the fat melts, Dr. Brozowski removes the fat with a suction device.  Depending on the degree of sagging of the skin of the neck, the Doctor can then heat the skin from the back side, which causes it to contract, tighten and lift.

Patients tolerate this procedure well and are able to return to normal activities in a day or two.  We advise patients to wear a neck garment for a minimum of four days around-the-clock.  After that, patients can reduce to wearing it 12 hours per day until tightening is achieved and the doctor tells you it is OK to discontinue it.

Many patients also ask about solutions to correct jowling.  This problem often accompanies sagging necks, and becomes prominent after the age of 50, especially in those with a family history of jowling (look at your parents and the older generation in your family).  Using the same technique, Dr. Brozowski can additionally insert a run a small laser fiber along the mandible (bone of the jaw) to melt the fat of the jowls.  Using a specialized spatula-like tool to reduce the fatty overhang of the jowls, she straightens the appearance of the jawline and improves the profile. 

Not ready to consider a non-surgical neck lift?  In the interim, you can try Ultrasound tightening of the neck.  While Ultrasound is not as strong a modality as a subdermal laser necklift for tightening, we have been able to achieve nice results in many patients with no downtime.   Ultrasound treatments can also increase collagen along the jowls, chin and neck, which is preventive against aging.  Please see our Ultherapy page for more information on Ultrasound tightening.

For younger patients without sagging skin who have excess fat only, please see our Kybella injection page for information on a minimally-invasive injections to treat a double chin.