Coolsculpting and SmartLipo videos online!

We are pleased to share with you a presentation given by Dr. Brozowski that discusses the body contouring procedures of Coolsculpting and SmartLipo Laser-Assisted Liposuction, including results and ‘Before’ and ‘After’ pictures.  Her talk is presented in four videos:  Part I discusses Coolsculpting and is found on our home page, as well as the Coolsculpting page.  Part II reviews SmartLipo Laser-Assisted Lipolysis, and is found on our SmartLipo page.   Part III details Dr. Brozowski’s personal experience with Coolsculpting.  Part IV is a video of the Q&A session following her presentation, which addresses commonly asked questions about these procedures. Both III and IV are found on our Coolsculpting page.  Watch some or all, and feel free to bring up what you learned, or still want to know, with Dr. Brozowski herself.

We wish everyone a safe and healthy holiday season.  We look forward to seeing you in the New Year!