Tax Relief: Free Sculptra promotion! 20% off Osmosis!

Greetings!  While we await the arrival of spring (and tax returns), we have a special Buy-Three-Get-One-Free Sculptra between now and Tax Day, April 15th.  Sculptra is a natural facial volumizer.  Injection of this fruit-acid derivative causes your body to create its own collagen. This softens wrinkles, fills out crepe-y skin, and volumizes thin or aging faces.  Sculptra lasts much longer than traditional fillers, up to 2 years!

If you have ever considered Sculptra to soften lines, enhance cheeks or for overall facial volume and rejuvenation, please take advantage, as this is the only time Sculptra will be discounted this year.  We recommend injection with 2 vials per treatment session and you have up to 6 months to use all purchased vials with this special. Please call us for more information on whether this injectable might be right for you.

We also are featuring 20% off Osmosis MD skincare until April 15th.  Osmosis products include facial conditioners, cleansers, and hydrators and are paraben-free, fragrance-free, cruelty-free and are ideal for sensitive skin.  Dr. Brozowski’s favorite cure for dry winter skin is the Osmosis ionized water spray topped with Quench, a clear hyaluronic gel from her eponymous skin care line. 

Osmosis MD Color includes mineral foundation, brow gel, lip gloss and concealer – perfect for covering an injection bruise or blemish.  Our Patient Coordinator, Hanan, will match your skin to product for a flawless complexion. Treat yourself to an anti-oxidant color this spring!

Wishing you Happy Returns!