In Gratitude for those making San Francisco a better community

Happy Easter!  We want to spotlight two women helping our community and bringing joy to troubled San Franciscans:  the nuns of Fraternite Notre Dame Mary of Nazareth Soup Kitchen. We are proud to donate to their mission of feeding the homeless in the Tenderloin.  In February, the sisters were faced with eviction when their landlord increased their rent $2,000/month.  The nuns sell French pastries at local farmers' markets to raise money towards providing meals for the homeless, and they were unable to meet the increased rent demands.  Thanks to donor fund-raising, 3 days ago, the Fraternite Notre Dame was able to purchase a new soup kitchen location.  With news today focused so much on gun violence and terrorism, it is refreshing and heart-warming to learn of compassionate and selfless helpers, making our community a better, happier place to be.  On behalf of our practice: Merci! to the Nuns of Notre Dame Mary of Nazareth.