Organically Speaking

Dr. Christine Brozowski was recently interviewed by Sun Valley Magazine for an article titled Organically Speaking, Botanicals Backed by Science,  which appears in the Winter 2016 issue. Here is an excerpt from the article:

"Dr. Christine Brozowski is a cosmetic dermatologist with a practice in Ketchum and Berkeley, Calif. “It’s a relatively new field that addresses the prevention of aging in the skin,” she said. “The focus is on making the skin look good and keeping it healthy.” Brozowski recommends an antioxidant for daily skincare.

“A good vitamin C serum also contains vitamin E, and ferulic acid and phloretin, which are extracted from fruit,” she said. “These ingredients are unstable and to remain effective must be stabilized in a serum, not a lotion. They are sensitive to light, so must be packaged in dark-tinted glass and kept in a drawer, not on your bathroom counter.” She manufactures her own product line, keeping the price point at under $100.

Brozowski says anyone who lives at altitude should apply a vitamin B5 gel, which helps seal in moisture. (Mindy Pereria of Skinsations carries the gel.) Next, apply a moisturizer that doesn’t contain parabens. Finally, apply a sunscreen with zinc and titanium oxide. “Physical blockers don’t react to the skin and work for hours,” Brozowski said. “The problem with most sunscreens is that they’re made with chemical blockers that react to the skin and quit being effective after an hour. You’re on the mountain thinking you’re OK when really you’re getting a ton of UV damage.” 

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