Laser Hair Removal

Dr. Christine Brozowski offers Laser Hair Removal in Berkeley and Oakland, in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Laser Hair Removal offers a permanent reduction in unwanted hair, and has become one of the most popular cosmetic treatments. Results are technique dependent, based on the training and expertise of the physician performing the procedure, as well as the laser technology used. Dr. Brozowski has performed nearly four thousand individual laser treatments* without any permanent complications, so you can be confident of safety and the quickest results.

Dr. Brozowski uses a diode laser, which works on all skin types, even darker skin. Our diode laser is the only type of laser approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for permanent hair reduction. Dr. Brozowski does not use an IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) machine for hair removal. IPL machines found at Laser Centers are not lasers, but rather a light-based machine, and do a poor job of hair removal. The best results and safety are achieved by physicians with specialty training in laser medicine. Dr. Brozowski performs all treatments herself, to ensure the safest, most effective results.

*From 1/1/05 to 11/1/15, Dr.Brozowski performed 4,037 individual laser hair removal treatments.





Laser hair removal is a non-invasive method, and thousands of hairs can be permanently removed in a single treatment session so that large areas like the back, shoulders, arms and legs can be quickly and effectively treated.

Over the long run, laser hair removal is also much less expensive than other methods, especially waxing and electrolysis. You also can feel good that you are not contributing to landfill, by throwing disposable razors and blades away on a regular basis. Laser Hair Removal is good for the environment, your self-image and saves you time.

Cost Analysis* Bikini Area

  • Laser 5 Sessions: $1,095
  • Wax $35 every 6 weeks: $9,200
  • Shaving $10/month: $3,600
  • Electrolysis $50/session for five years: $6,000

*Over 30 Years. Based on averages. Cost varies depending on individual use and hair type.



What are the safety concerns?

Safety is of utmost importance.  Therefore, cosmetic services are performed exclusively by the physician. You are never passed off to technicians or nurses, as done at medispas. Dr. Brozowski has performed more than 4,000 laser procedures without any permanent complications. She has performed more laser procedures than the other physicians in the San Francisco Bay Area, and is one the most experienced and qualified laser physicians in California.

How does it work?

A laser produces a beam of highly concentrated light. The light emitted by a diode laser is absorbed by the pigment located in hair follicles. During the procedure, the laser pulses for a fraction of a second, long enough to heat up the hair and disrupt the hair folllice, which impedes the follicle's ability to re-grow. This process treats all areas of the body both quickly and effectively.

An important part of the procedure is the cooling of the skin. A special contact-cooling hand piece allows Dr. Brozowski to treat event the most sensitive skin. This protects and cools the upper layer of the skin before, during and after each laser pulse while directing the laser energy to the hair root.

Why does our laser hair removal treatment seem more expensive?

Many types of laser systems are in use today, which employ different technologies. The older lasers require more treatments and are not permanent. IPL used at medispas require more treatment sessions with inferior results.

The laser technology we employ represents the newest advancement in hair removal and is the only laser with proven permanent results. This coupled with Dr. Brozowski's extensive experience means you will need fewer treatments in our office, which is ultimately more cost effective!

What areas of the body can be treated?

Almost all areas of the body where hair grows can be treated. The most common treatment areas for women are the upper lip, chin, underarms, sideburns, and bikini area. For men, the most common treatment areas are the back, chest, and the back of the neck. One area that cannot be treated is the portion of the eyelid beneath the brow arch.

What results can I expect?

It is important to know that the hair is destroyed only during the active phase of the growth cycle. As a result of these staggered growth cycles, several treatments will be necessary to achieve the best result. With each treatment you will see a significant reduction in the quantity and the thickness of the hair in the treated area.

Results are best when there is a high contrast between the color of skin and hair, such as in people with fair skin and dark hair (for example, like the actress Liv Tyler). However, all hair colors except for white can be treated. Lighter hair color, such as blonde, grey and light red are more difficult to treat, and usually require more treatment sessions. Ethnic skin is particularly subject to side effects, so it is essential to have a physician with experience in laser medicine evaluate and treat these patients. The laser we use is FDA approved for treatment of all skin types, and Dr. Brozowski has extensive experience treating patients with all skin and hair types.

How does it compare to other methods?

With waxing, plucking and bleaching, hair follicle are not disabled so regrowth is quick and ingrown hairs can be a problem. While electrolysis does damage the hair follicle, scarring and pigment changes can occur and the process may take years, since only one follicle is treated at a time. Electrolysis can also thicken the skin and follicle, making it more difficult to permanently disable the follicle. Laser hair removal, when done by a laser and not IPL, is permanent and can treat thousands of hair follicles at each visit, making it quick and, ultimately, much less expensive than waxing or electrolysis.

What is the level of discomfort during and after the treatment?

Most people describe the treatment as a rubber band snap and tolerate the procedure well. The discomfort is less than waxing. Because some areas of the body are more sensitive than others, however, topical anesthesia is available for patients who prefer to use it.

What is your experience with transgender patients?

Our office has a long history of helping transgender patients with their process of gender reidentification, which often includes the reduction of facial and body hair in patients transitioning from male-to-female.  We are happy to address and specific questions you have regarding this process and assist with the permanent removal of unwanted facial and body hair.

How long is the recovery time?

Most people return to normal activity right away. The treated areas should be handled with care after treatment. Avoid: Retin-A, alphahydroxyacids, glycolic acids, astringents, hot water and sun or heat exposure. You may clean the area using mild soap and cool, not hot, water. You should avoid tanning for the following week and use a sunscreen on any treated areas exposed to the sun.

How should I prepare for laser hair removal?

Shave the area to be treated the morning of your appointment. Do not pluck, wax or use chemical treatments four weeks prior to treatment. We advise you to avoid prolonged sun exposure two weeks before, and a month after, laser hair removal.

Please call us to schedule a consultation with Dr. Christine Brozowski to evaluate your skin for laser hair removal in our Berkeley office, just north of Oakland, California.