Tips to prevent bruising from injectable procedures

Here are some tips we share with out patients who have scheduled a treatment with injectables such as filler, Scuptra, Kybella or resorbable thread lift.

To Prevent Bruising:

1.       Discontinue all blood-thinners including baby aspirin, Ibuprofen*, Aleve, Fish oils and (possibly) vitamin supplements.

2.       Eat a pineapple and/or take oral Bromelain* the evening before and morning of procedure.

3.       Do not drink wine or any alcoholic beverage within 24 hours of procedure.

4.       Come in early to ice a full 15 minutes before procedure (note:  this is not for pain management, it causes vasoconstriction of blood vessels.  When vessels are smaller, there is less chance of injuring them with a needle and if punctured, they bleed less, resulting in less bruising).

5.       Ice after procedure for a full 10-15 minutes in the office, and then as much as possible over the next 24 hours.

6.       Start oral Arnica before procedure.