"Dr. Christine Brozowski Skincare" line launches


At long last, we have received the first of the skin care products I have been formulating. This project has been several years in the making, as I have studied active ingredients and products available on the market vs. skin care needs. My skincare products are prescription-strength. Some are even stronger than are available at the pharmacy. Therefore, you must be a patient of this practice to be able to purchase them.

My signature product is a compound lightening agent with 6% hydroquinone. This is a higher concentration than Triluma or the Obagi products, which are 4%. This compound also contains a Retinoic acid and a mild steroidal ingredient to soothe the skin and help it tolerate such a strong product. I work with a local formulator to insure quality and accuracy in dosing. My goal is to provide the highest quality skincare at a better price than the larger corporations, as well as serving a need in the market for prescription-strength products that accompany in-office procedures. Please try and let us know what you think!